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Conference Presentations

Massachusetts of Technological Physics of Living Systems Short Talk Seminar 2023 - "Rigid Clusters in Dense Suspension Flow"

Rising Stars in Soft and Biological Matter Symposium 2023  - "Rigid Clusters in Dense Suspension Flow"

The Plot Thickens Seminar Series 2023 - “Minimally Rigid Clusters in Dense Suspension Flow” 

University of Chicago's 2023 MRSEC Symposium - "Rigid Clusters in Dense Suspension Flow- Towards Encoding Memory in Fluids"

APS March Meeting 2023 - "Dense Suspension Rheology Beyond Simple Shear"

APS March Meeting 2022 - "Rigid Cluster Decomposition of Dense Suspension Flows"

APS March Meeting (virtual) 2021 - "Unraveling the relationship between dense suspension flow and particle and solvent identity"

APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting (virtual) 2020 -  "Controlling dense suspension flows through particle solvation"

APS March Meeting 2020 (talk held last minute virtually) - "Tuning Solvent Chemistry to Suppress Shear-Jamming in Dense Suspensions"

APS March Meeting 2018 - "Surface Growth of Locally Rigid Clusters Approaching Jamming and Rigidity Percolation"

Poster Presentations

Gordon Conference Granular Materials 2022 - "Minimally Rigid Cluster Decomposition of Dense Suspension Flows"

Boulder Summer School on Frustrated and Disordered Systems 2017 - "Near Crystalline Sphere Packings at Isostaticity"